The Smartest Way to Protect Your Data

Today, over 90% of organizations have reported having their data compromised, and the bad news is that hackers are only getting smarter

We integrate our Smart Card Security solutions into your existing systems to give you the same military grade security used by armies and governments

Our Security Solutions are the simplest and most convenient way to ensure there are no gaps in your organization’s entire information security systems

Data has become a company’s most valuable asset, and traditional cyber security is no longer enough. The best information security solution has existed since the 1990’s, but it fell out of favour due to its cost and complexity. Smart Card Security Inc. (SCS) has managed to put this solution into a smart card, which can be easily implemented by any business at a competitive price. Our expertise is the result of 15 years of experience working with smart cards and payment systems for the world’s largest credit card companies (Mastercard, Chase, etc.). Our smart cards are the same high quality smart cards used by your credit card company and bank to keep your money safe. If you can use a credit card, you can use SCS.

Our mission is to make the best Data Security “ERP” available to all businesses; one that will generate high data ROIs due to lower risk of losing data.

Competitor Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solutions are costly and complicated to use. We leverage what you already have in place to integrate simple solutions; if you can use a credit card, you can use SCS

SCS is the only provider of PKI smart card solutions in Canada. Although some competitors do offer managed PKI services, they typically sell you the software to generate certificates and leave the rest up to you, which is not easy. Worst of all, you have to replace the system you are using with the PKI, which becomes extremely costly. SCS will help you implement the most valuable aspects of the PKI into your existing systems, thereby improving your security without replacing it. We are the only provider of our kind to offer in person, onsite support at all stages of implementation and use of our solutions.

Let Smart Card Security help you keep your company’s data safe before it’s too late.